Upcycling/Recycling Australia

I believe we have all become a throw away society.  Who remembers, when we used to take in used jars and icecream containers into school to use for projects and storage of school materials.  Also, when we had grown out of our shoes and clothes, we passed them onto someone else!  Land fill seems to be increasing in all communities of the world, as we throw more and more away and replace with brand new all the time.  To compliment my Green Living within my Eco Living lifestyle, I will be publishing hints and tips on upcycling and recycling, as well as composting and worm farming.  Check in at this page regularly, as I will provide pictures and videos on all the  Green Living ideas, that you may wish to use in your own journey into Eco Friendly Living.

One of a very useful idea to recycly wooden pallets!  At one stage in Western Australia, Companies or resdients used to get a little refund for giving their delivery pallet back to the supplier!  Now, most pallets just get thrown away!

Where do you fin good quality wooden pallets to recycle?

Most Pallets can be found by visiting commercial or Industrial areas in Perth and surrounding suburbs.  Wangara, north of the river is a great place to find free wooden pallets, and Canningvale, Welshpool, a good place to find South of the River in Perth.  Hardware stores and rural suppliers are also good places to get free wooden pallets.

You can use pallets in their form or take them apart to repurpose into many different projects!

Below are some projects I have tackled with, recycling free wooden pallets!

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As you can see, there are endless possibilities for recycling wooden pallets!  You cam make wall art, wooden signs, yard gates, coffee tables

Worm farming  and Composting information coming up in late May 2016.