One of my passions here is Permaculture!  Let me introduce you to Permaculture in general, and Permaculture in Australia, and in my state of Western Australia.


You can refer to the term, permanent and culture or permanent and agriculture.  The difference between Permaculture and traditional agriculture is the diversity of methods and organisms in the permaculture system!

Plants and animals are included in the design with a specific function to perform but complementing each other.  Permaculture is an integrated design incorporating plants, animals and structures in design, placed in specific areas.  An example of this is using chickens for fruit fly control in an orchard or pests in the veggie patch, as well as contributing manure for the garden and a source of meat and eggs.

People who practice Permaculture accept several ethics universally, the main ones being:-

Earth Care

Maintaining Biodiversity, and restoration of degraded land and ecosystems, as well as conserving natural environments and using natural resources ethically.

People Care

Basic needs of people need to be met with consultation and consideration in the design of the permaculture system.

Share Surplus

Contributing surplus time and money and energy to achieve the other aims above.  Once you have met your own needs, then giving surplus to help others achieve their goals and needs using the Permaculture principles.