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How to create positive Change…
for us (and the environment!)
Katie Johnston

Katie Johnston is the founder of an earth-centred not for profit organisation called the One World Collective and a successful eco-social enterprise called EcoBling. She is a strong advocate for animal and earth rights and a believer in principle over profit. ONEgroup are proud to introduce Katie as a guest speaker at our Unleash: EcoPreneur Start-Up Weekend this November 19-20.

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If asked “how do we create positive human and environmental change?” Katie Johnstone has a strong response: “First of all we have to fully understand that “For us and the environment” implies we are separate from the environment that surrounds us. We are not, we are very much a part of it.”

“I am going to be really obvious and straightforward here. We (humans) have the power to destroy the environment but by doing so we destroy ourselves. I really don’t think we fully understand that yet, which is extremely concerning. The thing is we also have the power to be earth-centred. This means we have all the resources and information we need to be living in alignment with our local environments and by doing so we can support them (and ourselves) to be healthy and happy. We can flourish. But why aren’t we?”

“The only way we can create change is by first demanding it from ourselves. We have to force ourselves into potentially confronting conversations and situations with an open mind and an open heart.”

And with the creation of her eco-enterprise EcoBling, Katie has done just that.

EcoBling is an eco-social enterprise project that partners with Indigenous communities in rural and remote Australia to make jewellery from recycled materials once destined for the tip. EcoBling is focused on making a positive social and environmental change. The jewellery is made from waste materials such as old furniture and construction waste; things that might clog up landfills and contribute further stress to our already-strained ecological systems.

Simply removing waste is not enough: EcoBling focus on having a net-positive impact that relates not just to social positivity, but that has a positive environmental impact too. Through EcoBling, consumers are able to browse and buy online knowing that their purchases create positive change both economically and socially for Australia’s First Nation Peoples by helping provide jobs and ecologically, by aiding in the reduction of waste spilled into our environment.

Katie’s, and therefore EcoBling’s, commitment to values runs deep. All elements of the products are vegan and organic. Even the packaging is made from recycled paper and homemade organic tapioca glue. They use a citrus oil as a natural stainer, all power used for production is either solar or wind, and all waste is composted.

So going back to the beginning, how do we create positive change? In Katie’s words:

“It is simple. Be the change. Collect together. Pave the road for others and remove the road blocks along the way. I could go on, but it is really that straightforward. It starts with you and there is a requirement that you share what you learn with others.”

Find out more about Katie’s work via the links below.

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