About Us

In a fast paced world with ever increasing population, people are really looking at how they can protect the planet and be responsible residents, by living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eco Living Products, has been designed to educate the consumer, on how they can reduce their footprint on the Earth, and offer them a one-stop place to purchase their Eco friendly products.

One of the major contributing factors of pollution to our planet, is in the everyday cleaning products, we all use in our homes.  Now you have a choice, to replace these products, with Eco friendly products.  You can also have access to other Eco friendly products, such as Bedding, Linen, Clothing, Solar products and many more.

We offer you plenty of information, and welcome your enquiry on any Eco Living product or system that you may be interested in, and certainly can direct you to the products you may need to achieve your Eco Living Lifestyle.


I have always had an interest in the natural world, and have seen the population grow at a staggering rate over the years, which has led to destruction of natural bushland and forests, and increasing pollution to the Oceans.  Growing up in Western Australia, we always grew both native plants and food plants, however when I had cancer in my early thirties, I re-assessed my life in general and looked and what I was feeding my body with, and what I was consuming and using in my daily lifestyle.  I decided that I must live a more Eco friendly lifestyle in all directions of my existence.  I looked at my cleaning products that I use in the home, and was dismayed at what affect these were having on the Ecosystem.  I researched into what Eco friendly cleaning products I could use, instead of harsh chemicals that could not only affect my health and my family’s Health, but polluted the Environment I lived in.  I also looked at the clothes I wear, the linen I used, and the general amount of possessions we owned that we probably did not need!  As a family, we made a decision to give away things we did not need, change our cleaning products to Eco friendly cleaning products, and upcyle/recycle where we can, rather than purchasing unecessary items.  We looked at the clothing we buy, and where we buy it, and try to live our lives both Ethically, and Eco conscious.  I have created this website to give fellow Eco Warriors a resource link and a connection to enable them to live a Conscious Eco Lifestyle, suited to their own journey on the planet.

If you want to ask any questions or contact me about creating your own Eco Lifestyle, please do so :-

lisa@myecoliving.org                                                Lisa-and-Myles[1]